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Date(s) - Jun 9 , 2022 - Jan 8 , 2023

La Venaria Reale

Tony Cragg at the Venaria


British artist Tony Cragg is exhibiting ten sculptures made between 1997 and 2021 at the Venaria Reale. These works relate to the genius loci of the Reggia in a sort of post-modern redefinition of the Baroque and Rococo styles. The sculptures are set within the permanent exhibition itinerary of the Reggia, starting from the Court of Honour, continuing in the High Park of the Gardens, and ending in the inner hall at the head of the Scuderie Juvarriane. These are large-scale works, moulded using a variety of materials – from bronze to wood, fibreglass to steel – all characterised by the typical wavy and sinuous lines that seem to have been modelled on a giant potter’s wheel.