Turin is a city of mystery, magic and legend. Its “magical” significance is attributed to its geographical position, long the 45th parallel where the Po and Dora rivers meet.

Most importantly, Turin’s geographical position creates the vertices of two triangles, a triangle of white magic and a triangle of black magic. This explains why Turin boasts numerous shops dedicated to arcane practices where you can purchase books, incense, tarot cards, candles and anything else associated with the occult world. Here are our top picks to discover the esoteric side of Turin:


At Italy’s oldest occult bookshop, established in 1948, you can find a comprehensive selection of publications, books, magazines or series dedicated to spiritual, hermetic or esoteric subjects. Arethusa also stocks a wide range of tarot cards, pendulums, crystal balls, Tibetan Mala, bùzinos, runes and incense.


A reference point in the city for lovers of the genre. After crossing a beautiful inner courtyard in via Garibaldi, you’ll find a vast assortment of ritualistic objects, talismans of Salomonic origin, tarot cards and cards from all over the world, incense, crystals and everything required for ritualistic practices. The bookstore is large and well-stocked.


Founded in Turin in 1978, this shop publishes and sells works related to medicine, naturopathy, psychology, spirituality, sophism, Buddhism, Taoism and numerology at its namesake bookstore. It also hosts meetings, courses and themed seminars.