Located in the city’s elegant via Battisti, near Palazzo Carignano, this boutique offers the entire olfactory universe of Culti Milano: unique fragrances and a timeless design.

The underlying philosophy of the success of Culti Milano, the brand created in the Nineties by eclectic interior designer Alessandro Agrati, is that a home fragrance is an extension of one’s own personal style. Scenting your house is like choosing a dress or a hairstyle: it reflects your personality, it distinguishes you and leaves a lasting memory. This concept that resulted in the creation of Culti Milano’s home fragrances and Culti Houses, which are like real “perfume temples” that epitomize the values of the brand. Small worlds of light, perfume and design, featuring maple wood furnishings, shelves and niches highlighting the style and excellence of the product.

The Turin-based olfactory store opened in 2018 in the city’s highly central via Battisti, just a few steps away from Palazzo Carignano, a marvel of Baroque architecture. Here, Culti Milano’s home fragrances are available in myriad forms including diffusers, candles, sprays, scented sachets, as well as the new lines of body care products.